58th Annual Hall of Fame & Awards Dinner

Thank you to all of the board members, proprietors and bowlers that came to join us at this years Hall of Fame Dinner. Congratulations to Roger McDaniel and Wade Gayhart on being entered into the Hall of Fame and to all the members of the Joliet Area USBC BA Honor Court. View photos from the Hall of Fame and Awards Dinner below.

Roger McDaniel

Meritorious Service

If you want to see Roger or talk to him, you will usually have to find out which bowling center he is at. If not bowling, he will be attending bowling meetings, coaching youth bowlers or high school bowlers, watching bowlers, or talking to bowlers. After his wife, Barb and his family, he loves people, bowling and talking.


Roger was elected to the Joliet Area USBC BA Board of Directors in 1998 as a Director, was named Director of the Year in 2000, served as a Director until 2005 and was then elected as a Vice President. After four years in that position, he was elected President and still serves in that capacity. Roger has also served as the local Lane Inspector since being elected to the Joliet Area USBC BA. He also has been an Illinois USBC BA Director of District #2 since 2006.


Area youth bowlers have been the recipients of Roger's coaching experience for more than 32 years at various area bowling centers. At present an 11 year Director on the Joliet Area USBC YA, he also was an Illinois State Youth Director at Large for four years. He worked as an Assistant Bowling Coach for Plainfield Central High School for four years and for the past four years has been an Assistant at Lockport High School, during which time Lockport won the State Title.


Roger has volunteered his time at many tournaments, including the local BA, Youth and Senior Tournaments. He has also assisted with two International Moose Tournaments which were held at Town & Country Lanes and Strike 'N Spare II. He tries to live by the words of Eddie Alberico, a now deceased local bowler who coached him, "Give back to others and you will always be rewarded for your help".


His love for bowling paid off resulting with a high average of 201, a high game of 298, and series of 756. He bowled 11 In-A-Row twice, in 2004 and in 2008. Roger claimed two doubles titles with Don Storm as his partner, the Joliet Senior Tournament in 2007 and the Caterpillar Decatur Tournament.


Roger is Married to Barb and has three children, Michelle, Mark and Ryan. He is retired from Caterpillar and spends his summers working at Mistwood Golf Club. He enjoys building model cars. He also collects antique toys, Cars and Trucks.

Wade Gayhart

Superior Performance

Wade started bowling in the Junior Leagues at approximately six years of age and like most kids was there for the fun. He used any ball he could find that felt okay and enjoyed Saturday mornings. While in high school he started working at Strike 'N Spare and began to take the game seriously. Dane Walker was always very proud of Wade. In turn, Wade respected Dane and still works at the bowling center. It was there that he met Ed Cabrera, who he credits for teaching him the approach that he uses to this day.


Wade won the Marshall Brown Award when he moved up from the youth leagues because he increased his average more than any other boy who moved to the adult leagues that year. He has proven that he deserved that award. Some of the bowlers woh had influence on him are Chuck Adelman, Steve Benson, Mike Koskowicz and Mike Howard. The bowling knowledge he absorbed and his ability on the lanes has certainly been proven. 


Imagine waiting to bowl your first 300 game, knees trembling when you have ten or eleven in a row, everyone crowding around your lanes anxiously waiting with you. Now imagine waiting for your 40th or 50th. Do you still have all of the anxiety issues or does it become just another day at the lanes? Ask Wade, He bowled his first perfect game in 1997 and now has over 40 to his credit. He has actually lost count of the exact number. On February 28th 2011, his mother's birthday, he bowled a 300 game and ordered the ring in her size as a birthday gift. He has had as many as six 300 games in one year.


Wade has not stopped with 300 games, he has bowled numerous series over 800, with some of them being 826 in 2007-08, 832 in 2008-09, 846 in 2009-10, 833 in 2011-12, 833 in 2013-14, and 842 in 2014-15. 


Bowling those high scores raised his average to over 225 for many years. His high averages have been 236, 238 twice, 239 twice and a high of 241 twice. He bowled in two leagues this past year and has bowled in as many as four.


Wade claimed the Will County Open Championship three times in 2007, 2008 and 2014. He was very proud to make the first cut and cash when he represented the Joliet Area at the US Open in 2008 in Brunswick, New Jersey. He also has five Scratch Titles in the Joliet Area USBC BA Tournament. He won Singles in 2013 with 782, Doubles with his borther Sean in 2010 and with Drew Welz in 2013. He was part of two winning teams, The On Track Pro Shop in 2010 and The Beer Hall of Fame team in 2013. He bowls in the USBC Open Championship Tournament and several local Tournaments every year.


Wade and Michelle have two children, Gavin Wade and Jordin Elizabeth. He works nights at Strike 'N Spare II and is Mr. Mom durning the day. Most of his time not working is spent with his family.


Joliet, Illinois 60431

Romeoville, Illinois 60446



Association Manager

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