Don Kochevar


I have been on the Joliet Area Board of Directors since 1964.


I am currently bowling in the Monday Men's Classic, Wednesday Tavern League and sub on the Friday Trident League. All 3 of these leagues are at Town and Country Lanes.


I was the first X-Jr bowler to bowl a 300 game (1-13-1964) and the youngest at that time. I was also the first Jr bowler on the men's board as well as the first to be elected President of the men's board. I was the first X-Jr bowler to be President of AJBC and then YABA. (Presided for about 10 years) I was the men's board rep on the Jr board for 30 years or so. Helped start the Jr Scholarships with Bob and Roberta Trouper and others. Last bowler to average 190 with a urethane ball at Stone City. Served on every committee.


I love bowling for the competition and enjoyment. Bowling has allowed me to meet many good and dedicated people.


My dad told me to find a way to give back to the game of bowling so, when asked to attend a board meeting in 1964, I accepted and was elected to the board. For the last 49 years I have been doing my best I can to honor my fathers wishes.