Joe Pomykala Sr

Vice President

I was elected to the Joliet Bowling Association's Board of Directors in 2004, serving concurrently until the present. At one time or another, I have been on almost all of the committees.


I bowled in sanctioned leagues for over fourty years usually bowling in two to three or more leagues during the season. Due to health issues I can no longer participate in the sport of bowling. I served on numerous leagues as President or Secretary-Treasurer.


My bowling accomplishments are a 300 game, a 299 game and multiple 11 in a row games. I co-sponsored the J'NJ Doubles Classic for 15 years (1978-1992) at Strike N Spare II.


One of the reasons I stay on the board is since I no longer bowl, none of my votes have any ulterior motives. I vote with my conscience for what I believe is for the betterment of the Joliet Area Bowlers.


Call:  (815) 723-3362