Phil Verzal


I was elected on to the Joliet Area BA Board in 2012.


I currently bowl in the Thursday Night Men's League at Brunswick Zone Romeoville. I have been the Secretary of this league since 2006.


I have 1 - 300 Game and 1 - 800 Series, a 7 - 10 Conversion, 2 - 299's and Multiple 11 in a rows. All of these scores have been accomplished with Plastic Bowling Equipment.


Bowling is a challenge every time you go out there. This sport is not only based on ones ability, but also lane conditions and pin carry.


Until I became secretary of the Thursday Night Men's League I never even knew the board existed. I started attending the meetings after receiving a mailer about annual meetings. I was deeply honored when I was elected on the board. Even when bowling I strive to help fellow bowlers reach their full potential. The board gives me a way to support the bowlers at an even higher level.


Call:  (815) 267-7381