Sam Chirich

Vice President / Treasurer


I was elected by the Joliet Area BA Board in 1992.


I currently bowl in 2 leagues at Town and Country Lanes. I have been bowling in the Alibi League since 1966. Over the years I have held multiple office positions, including: Secretary, Vice President and President.


Inducted into the Joliet Area Hall of Fame in 2013. I rolled my first 300 game in the 2013/14 season. I also have 2 11-in a row awards for 299 games. My team once shot a 1302 Scratch game.


Along with my activities revolving around the Joliet Area BA board, I also represent the bowlers in our area every year at the Illinois State BA Convention.


Years ago I was asked to join the board because at the time the board needed direction. Since being elected on to the board in 1992 I have worked hard to help provide that direction.


Call: (815) 342-1277