Ricardo Pacheco Jr


I was elected to the Joliet Area USBC BA Board of Directors in 2002.


I currently bowl on the Monday Mens Classic League, the Wednesday Tavern League and the Friday TNC 1000 League at Town and Country. I am currently the President of the Tavern League and the Secretary of the Friday TNC 1000 League.


I have bowled multiple 700 series as well as "1" 300 game. I was also the City Tournament Singles Winner in 1976. (Tournament of Champions)


I love bowling because of the many relationships I have formed. It is also very nice to be able to do something I enjoy while also being able to hang out with the guys.


I joined the board to give back to all my fellow bowlers that love the sport as much as I do. My father was a member of the board for years and I wanted to follow in his foot steps.


Call:  (815) 530-1207      RichieP_56@yahoo.com